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I work at a Can-Am dealer and today our rep came in. He told me he has ridden one breifly, said the thing flat out rips and he didnt even hit 5th gear, It handles amazing and is very comfortable. I asked him how it compared to the other 450's on the market and he anwsered "this bike blows them all away by far".

He told me he didnt get a chance to really check out the suspension, but he did add that the seat is soft and ride positition feels similar to a yfz.

BUT there is bad news. He also told me they will not be released until Oct-Nov. He said very few will be released beforehand and most will go to CA.

I was upset when he told me the release date. I hope its not true, but he does work for them and told me hes positive.

BTW: All the info about the ds450 can be trusted due to the fact that our Can-Am rep owns a YAMAHA YFZ450 and not a Can Am. He acually races TT.

If you guys have any questions please ask and ill do my best to anwser or find out.

PS: He promised me first dibs on one


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