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Well I hope to see one line up next to me in a XC race here in Floriduh. I have always said I wold switch nack to BRP or whatever, when they came out with a 450. But they took so long to come out with it. I have already dumped a ton of money into my YFZ to make it an XC competitor. They are only reselling for around $5,000 fully set up and I still owe the bank $2,800. So to make this race ready wold break me. I will have to do a rebuild on the YFZ and run the dog meat out of it one more season. I really, really want one of these to line up with a good rider so I can see what all the hype is.
I cannot afford to be Can-Am's guinea pig. I will have to wait :( GT Thunder is already making a kit for this machine :)
Thanks for the report.
and that guys post about the rep telling about how the machine blows the comp away, well I can kind of see his point hehehe
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